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We have a saw, let the cutting begin!

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Closer to reality!

With the help of some awesome people(Bharati, Amy, Damon, Erin), the place is yet another step being closer to a reality. We got a bunch of painting done and it is looking good! Thanks for everyone’s help!

Nice white walls now!



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Ok, I reeeealy don’t like winter. Things slow down on too many levels. Now that spring is just peeking its head up in a ‘Uhhh, who turned on the lights.’ fashion, we can get this place ready.

Up next, let the painting begin!

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Being ready…

Being ready for a certain date requires a lot of effort, planning and a little luck.  Ok, a lot of luck but even with all that in line, some things just don’t work out.  I thought that having a class in less than 2 weeks would be pushing it but perhaps we could have made it with the effort of cleaning up the walls being easier.

Those mirrors were on the wall for 15 years.  The silicone/glue they used was nearly hard as a rock and they would NOT come off easy.  So I had to be creative as I really didn’t want glass shattering everywhere.  I will say this, that glass is significantly tougher than I thought!  Once the pieces were down, even hitting with a hammer was a job to break it.  Sure I could have just smashed it but I wanted single breaks(which didn’t happen but I also didn’t want pits and tiny slivers).

Eventually we got it all off and the wall cleaned up, as best as possible.  This wall had ‘old mold’ that was pretty much part of the old paint now.  It will be painted over.

So now the other wall has been patched and sanded.  The place is almost ready for paint!

Looks like class will not go on quite as scheduled but instead we’ll have an early open house to get ideas from people.

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Sooo sore

So now I am sooo sore from working on Don’s Open Brain House renovations.  I keep telling myself that it’s good exercise in hopes that I won’t use the phrase “I’m getting too old for this stuff” 😛  I am forever grateful for Yeshin!  His teenage body is handling this better than I 😉  Unfortunately he is leaving for the Phillipines for 2 weeks on Sunday (lucky bugger).  So I’ll have to make him work as hard as possible this week to get the place ready for at least basic use 🙂

The plan, to be ready for Saturday’s event, is to have him strip the left over wallpaper from the front wall (over the window) and the ceiling.  I have to do some work in Seoul today so I’m ‘off’ today.


  • Take/Break down mirrors
  • Fill in holes and sane later in day
  • Get wood for workshop


  • Paint
  • Clean Windows
  • Get Circular Saw and extension cord


  • Make sign for place
  • Make example project(maybe Saturday morning)
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I can see a bare wall now!

Finally got one wall all stripped.  Next up, a good scrub to get rid of left over wallpaper glue and then onto fixing IP those holes and cracks.

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Our first class!

We are having  a woodworking class!  Build your own table and bench easily!  Come out and have fun!

Link to Flyer!

Please fill out the following form to reserve a space!

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