New Stuff

Testing some video editing

At the Open House, we get to play with cool toys 🙂  Video editing is much more affordable (as in free to be more precise).  So I decided to take a stab at a short little test video and some music.  It’s just something I put together in about 10mins.  Want to learn?  Come on […]

Grand Opening All Day Live Broadcast

Click here for Don’s Open Brain House live broadcast!

Grand Opening Event & Live Broadcast!

On Saturday May 19th, we will be having our Grand Opening Event!  We have decided to combine the local Teachers Bookclub into the day of the Grand Opening as well!  Also, we will be broadcasting LIVE on, the link will be posted here! Date: Saturday May 19th, 2012 Time 12pm to 10pm Location: Yonghyun-dong […]

Furniture construction begins!

Ever since learning about Playatech, I’ve been fascinated by their designs and simplicity of engineering. I made it a goal to make all the furniture in the space using their methods, or designs that are similar. Today the first piece was made. Of course the local hardware store didn’t have the exact size as outlined […]

Closer to reality!

With the help of some awesome people(Bharati, Amy, Damon, Erin), the place is yet another step being closer to a reality. We got a bunch of painting done and it is looking good! Thanks for everyone’s help! Nice white walls now! Before: After:


Ok, I reeeealy don’t like winter. Things slow down on too many levels. Now that spring is just peeking its head up in a ‘Uhhh, who turned on the lights.’ fashion, we can get this place ready. Up next, let the painting begin!