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Closer to reality!

With the help of some awesome people(Bharati, Amy, Damon, Erin), the place is yet another step being closer to a reality. We got a bunch of painting done and it is looking good! Thanks for everyone’s help! Nice white walls now! Before: After:


Ok, I reeeealy don’t like winter. Things slow down on too many levels. Now that spring is just peeking its head up in a ‘Uhhh, who turned on the lights.’ fashion, we can get this place ready. Up next, let the painting begin!

Being ready…

Being ready for a certain date requires a lot of effort, planning and a little luck.  Ok, a lot of luck but even with all that in line, some things just don’t work out.  I thought that having a class in less than 2 weeks would be pushing it but perhaps we could have made […]

Sooo sore

So now I am sooo sore from working on Don’s Open Brain House renovations.  I keep telling myself that it’s good exercise in hopes that I won’t use the phrase “I’m getting too old for this stuff” 😛  I am forever grateful for Yeshin!  His teenage body is handling this better than I 😉  Unfortunately he […]

I can see a bare wall now!

Finally got one wall all stripped.  Next up, a good scrub to get rid of left over wallpaper glue and then onto fixing IP those holes and cracks.

Our first class!

We are having  a woodworking class!  Build your own table and bench easily!  Come out and have fun! Link to Flyer! Please fill out the following form to reserve a space!