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Furniture construction begins!

Ever since learning about Playatech, I’ve been fascinated by their designs and simplicity of engineering. I made it a goal to make all the furniture in the space using their methods, or designs that are similar. Today the first piece was made.

Of course the local hardware store didn’t have the exact size as outlined in the plays. So I had to calculate and convert from inches to mm, and then reduce that number to one that works for my size of wood.

I liked this design because the initial cuts are pretty simple (truth be told, most of their cuts are simple).

I didn’t get any action shots of the cutting as I was the only one doing the works and I was limiting my Galaxy Tab to dust exposure. So here are the pieces all set and cut.

So, does it all fit together? Was my handy-dandy craftmanship good enough for this job? You be the judge.

Now the big question, will it hold any real weight? It is only 10mm thick after all, and it is only 75% of the original size…..

Apparently it is sturdy enough to hold me 🙂

Wondering what should I do next….a proper sized one or a table? I will need both any ways. we’ll see.


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