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Being ready…

Being ready for a certain date requires a lot of effort, planning and a little luck.  Ok, a lot of luck but even with all that in line, some things just don’t work out.  I thought that having a class in less than 2 weeks would be pushing it but perhaps we could have made it with the effort of cleaning up the walls being easier.

Those mirrors were on the wall for 15 years.  The silicone/glue they used was nearly hard as a rock and they would NOT come off easy.  So I had to be creative as I really didn’t want glass shattering everywhere.  I will say this, that glass is significantly tougher than I thought!  Once the pieces were down, even hitting with a hammer was a job to break it.  Sure I could have just smashed it but I wanted single breaks(which didn’t happen but I also didn’t want pits and tiny slivers).

Eventually we got it all off and the wall cleaned up, as best as possible.  This wall had ‘old mold’ that was pretty much part of the old paint now.  It will be painted over.

So now the other wall has been patched and sanded.  The place is almost ready for paint!

Looks like class will not go on quite as scheduled but instead we’ll have an early open house to get ideas from people.


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