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Sooo sore

So now I am sooo sore from working on Don’s Open Brain House renovations.  I keep telling myself that it’s good exercise in hopes that I won’t use the phrase “I’m getting too old for this stuff” 😛  I am forever grateful for Yeshin!  His teenage body is handling this better than I 😉  Unfortunately he is leaving for the Phillipines for 2 weeks on Sunday (lucky bugger).  So I’ll have to make him work as hard as possible this week to get the place ready for at least basic use 🙂

The plan, to be ready for Saturday’s event, is to have him strip the left over wallpaper from the front wall (over the window) and the ceiling.  I have to do some work in Seoul today so I’m ‘off’ today.


  • Take/Break down mirrors
  • Fill in holes and sane later in day
  • Get wood for workshop


  • Paint
  • Clean Windows
  • Get Circular Saw and extension cord


  • Make sign for place
  • Make example project(maybe Saturday morning)

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