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The Beginning and development of the Space.

Having enjoyed the idea of a Creative Space where people get together and make things, I really wanted to replicate this experience while I was in Korea.  I finally got my chance.  My friend Erica graciously donated a place for such a use!  I am immensely grateful for!  Thank you!

And despite all appearances, I didn’t come up with the name.  I was keen on “Creative Space Korea” but after some consultation, Yeshin (Erica’s son) came up with the idea of Open Brain.  I loved that idea! Given the wildly successful movement of Open Source software (i.e. FireFox, Open Office, Linux…) the name was very suiting for our idea.  I say ‘our’ because while I did start it, and will head/direct it, it is a community effort and will always be open to new ideas from any who want to make an honest effort in its development.

I really thought that a ‘location’ needed to be attached and House was the only thing that would really work here in Korea.  Sure Den or Grotto would be cooler but would totally fall on deaf ears and fail to get the impression out to the Koreans.  Yeshin also suggested to add my name as it would add more to the ‘exotic’ feeling to the Koreans in the area.  Thus Don’s Open Brain House was born.

Please keep an eye on the “Build Up” page as I will be documenting the renovations of a rather abused little commercial space.


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